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I'm back)

I'm back for now!!!
Have a lot to say, but I won't... Everything is just the past)
Now I have happy life with my new girlfriend, new bass (MM Stingray 2001) and a lot of great moments every day!


new experiments

Huh!!! new feature for my camera! tripod! Gonna make great pictures of thecity... you know, panoramas and night city views... Sounds great, huh? I guess it will be great pics!

I'd like to reach such results...


So... I'd like to say about brand new album of one of the greatest postrock bands ever.... 

Please welcome - Sigur Rós - Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (2008)!

I've read a lot about this album before buy it...
you know pros and cons... And I have all Sigur Rós CDs...
I think this album is not so great as previous, but anyway it is one of the best 2008 issues.



It’s me again… I decide to start a brand new hobby! DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY! My first hobby was music… 14 years already... huh! And I have good results with it.

So, I think that I have great ability to reach good results)))

I start photography learning with couple books:

1. Photography

2. Photoshop.

Of cause I’ll going to practise a lot with my Nikon D70 (it’s old but pretty good for the very beginning)!

Wish me luck)


some monday news...

1. Google droped my Pr to 2(((
2. I pierced my lip once again and left eyebrow
3. Still no alcohol, cigarettes, meat...


One more post about credit cards…

It’s just a notice… People with no credit score should know about first time credit cards. It means credit cards for establishing credit.
Even if you have never had a credit card credit bureaus have you financial information such as your income, etc.
So before you apply for the card request a free credit report to make sure all the information is correct.

403!!! Google!!! urrrrr!!!

Why do they do such shit!?!?!?!
I know that it's all antispam protection , but anyway it slows my work!!!


4th day

It's hard for the very first time... But... I'm feeling better!



There was a long timeout for me as blogger, but it's time to come back.
So, there is something I'd like to say... July, 19 - it's beginning date of my two month straight edge period.

Straight edge refers to a lifestyle and scene that started within the hardcore punk subculture whose adherents refrain from using alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs. Some adherents may also abstain from caffeine and casual sex. The term was coined by the 1980s hardcore punk band Minor Threat in the song "Straight Edge". There is considerable debate over what constitutes a straight edge lifestyle. Adherents' main objective is to not poison the body in any way. Some people in the straight edge movement embrace a vegetarian lifestyle and others abstain from all animal products, a philosophy known as veganism. These two choices are considered add-ons to the straight edge lifestyle and are not essential aspects of the movement.
So wish me luck! I thick it will be hard and great period of my life.


New credit card site

I have new credit card site to compare credit card offers in my collection... I think they have great design and many cool options for users.


I have new great band, good job...
My girlfriend parted with me yesterday...
What a strange life...

/me sad



Plan... Rest, trip, concert, rock, beer, party, reeeeest....
And than I'll go back to the work!

...and funny picture)))


More news from my favourite credit cards site...
Yesterday a friend of mine have found new great credit card application. I guess they have more credit cards now. More than ever I think. So I think more people can find plastic there.

Probably I'll apply for new credit card soon)

PC dependence

Just think about it! I have so many online friends, more than real friends. I can read their posts, articles but I will never see them. I will never touch or hug them… I think such problem is one of the main problems of the XXI century. So, let’s go to the streets, to the sea, to the clubs! Let’s have fun and real contact with people!!!

Almost a week)

I didn't write anything about a week.... You know.... It's all my job - too many things to do(((
Sometimes a think that work is my life and my life is work...


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